Elite 2 Person 14 Day meal Emergency Go Bag

Elite 2 Person 14 Day meal Emergency Go Bag

These ESSENTIAL go-bags are stacked with everything you need to provide for your physical needs in an emergency.


This 2 person, 14-day meal go-bag is ready for short term or extended emergencies.  This investment is worth your safety and security.






*First Aid



Kit includes

(2) Go Bags

(21) Individual Emergency drinking water pouches

(1) fully stocked First Aid Kit 

(2) BottleHand Sanitizer

(4) Packages of body/cleaning wipes

(2) Solar Flashlights

(4) Glow Sticks 

(1) LED Lantern

(1) Emergency Radio

(2) 5 Watt Tri-Band Radio: VHF, 1.25M, UHF, Amateur (Ham), Includes Dual Band Antenna, 220 Antenna, Earpiece, Charger, and More Two-Way Radio

(1) Box Waterproof matches

(5) Firestarter material

(1) Flint & Steel kit

(2) Emergency Portable Blankets

(2) Ponchos

(2) Collaspable Portable seats

(2) Collaspable food bowls/Storage bins

(1) meal kit provides 72 meals with a sealed shelf life of 25 years

(1) Multi-Tool

(1) Rope

(2) Tarp

(2) Water filter

(2) Emergency Whistles

(1) Stove

(1) Camping Pan/Pot set 

(1) Set of 2 utensils


With this emergency go kit, you’ll have peace of mind. Why spend hours searching for individual products and money from purchasing them separately with one bag that’s ready to go. 


  • Return/Refund Policy

    Due to Covid and the nature of these items we are unable to accept any returns at this time.  No Returns or Refunds.